Pacifica Take Me There Set: Tuscan Blood Orange

As you may have seen in my recent Ulta Haul post, I recently picked up the Pacifica "Take Me There" Set in Tuscan Blood Orange. This is a gorgeous scent that's perfect for summer- blood orange combined with raspberry, strawberry and mandarin orange. This smells very fruity with a hint of something deeper- definitely not a typical citrus scent in my opinion.

The Tuscan Blood Orange Rollerball is great to keep in a purse or travel bag- and I find that a small amount of this perfume lasts hours on me. In fact, this fragrance lasts much longer on me than any of my high-end perfumes, which is especially impressive considering the entire set cost me $13. As the top note of blood orange fades, I'm left with a fruity, warm scent that is perfect for spring and summer.

The Body Butter is another product I absolutely love. It is incredibly hydrating, and leaves a lovely sheen on the skin that is great if you're planning on showing some skin. If you're someone who likes their lotions to sink in and disappear though, this is probably one to pass on. I personally love this body butter because I feel like it keeps my hydrated throughout the day, which is especially useful when I'm using self-tanning products that can be drying.

The Lip Tint is the only product I'm not completely in love with from this set. While it is fairly hydrating and smooth on the lips, I find this gives off little to no color, so it's not my favorite. I would definitely still buy the set as it's a much better deal, but maybe hold off on purchasing the Lip Tint separately until you test it out.

Overall, this set is a great buy for summer, and I will definitely be trying other sets by Pacifica in the near future!

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