The Love: Egyptian Magic

As you can probably tell from the condition of my pot, I love me some Egyptian Magic. I tried this using my Birchbox points after hearing about its celebrity cult status in several of my favorite magazines. This product has just a few ingredients: olive oil, bees wax, honey, bee pollen, royal jelly, bee propolis. You can use this cream for so many different things- here's how I use mine.

As a lip balm: This stuff takes care of chapped lips quickly, and is unscented and gentle which makes it perfect for sore lips.

As a face moisturizer: As I've gone back on my retinol, my skin is seriously lacking moisture. This balm's creamy oil consistency works great to glide over my dry skin and really help soften it without making me break out. This is one of the few skincare products I can use without worrying about breakouts with, making it a major holy grail for me.

As a body moisturizer: I also use this on dry patches on my body- knees, elbows, etc. This is especially great if I know I'm going to be self tanning soon- the night before I tan, I put this on dry patches and wake up with softened skin- and no chance of getting streaky or patchy color.

As a hair tamer: While I would probably never use this as my leave-in conditioner permanently, it is good in a pinch if I have flyaways or frayed ends. A tiny bit of this and my hair is left looking sleek- and I find that this product helps repair my ends as well.

As a cuticle and hand cream: This is great if my hands are super chapped, or if my cuticles are looking particularly rough. A little bit of this and my hands and cuticles look and feel nourished.

As a highlighter: While this may not be a typical use of this product, I find that the sheen this leaves on my skin is great as a highlighter. A minuscule amount on the tops of my cheekbones, browbones and cupids bow and I look radiant-but never shiny.

If I've got a problem, chances are Egyptian Magic can fix it. Another thing worth mentioning with this product is that a little goes a seriously long way...half of a pea size and my entire face is moisturized. I've had this product for a few months and am only halfway through my tub, even when using it daily.

Have you tried Egyptian Magic? Any other ways you use it that I haven't mentioned?

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