Liebster Award

Well the lovely Emily from Hello From Emily nominated be for the Liebster Award. Thank you so much Emily, I loved getting to check out your gorgeous blog!

  • I thank the blogger who tagged me.
  • I say 11 facts about me.
  • I answer the 11 questions written by the person who tagged me.
  • I write my own 11 questions.
  • I tag 11 up and coming bloggers.

Eleven Facts About Me
  1. I'm graduating in December with a degree in Early Childhood Education.
  2. I love dinosaurs, peacocks, hedgehogs and Star Wars.
  3. I love watching old movies and musicals and my favorites are Breakfast at Tiffany's, Charade and Singin' In The Rain.
  4. My four favorite bands/musicians right now are Ed Sheeran, The 1975, Tori Kelly, Wakey!Wakey! and The Neighbourhood.
  5. I love Christmas so much I wouldn't let my roommate take down our Christmas tree until late April...and even then I tried my hardest to convince her to let us keep it up year round ;)
  6. My favorite foods include Ramen, dinosaur chicken nuggets, pb&j sandwiches, and the chicken strips from Culvers.
  7. I'm a nanny for two girls ages 2 and 5...and I love my job because I'm pretty much a giant child that gets paid to play.
  8. My favorite place in the world is Hawaii, and I want to visit again soon!
  9. I am terrible at winged liner.
  10. I live with my best friend since age 11, Morgan.
  11. I am naturally a night owl, but I wake up at 5:30 during the week and 7 during the weekends because I want to be a morning person!
Answers to Emily's Questions
What is your dream career?
I would love to either be a full-time blogger, or (more likely) own my own in-home daycare, once I have my own kids. 
How often do you have no-makeup days?
I work Monday-Thursday, so my no-makeup days usually fall on Friday-Sunday...I love no-makeup days and wish I had more of them!
What's the weirdest food you've ever eaten?
I once ate a green-apple sucker with a cricket inside. Crickets taste disgusting, don't eat them!
How many languages can you speak?
1.5...I speak English (obviously), and I took Spanish all throughout high school and the first part of college, so while I used to be almost fluent in Spanish I am quickly losing my skills through lack of practice! I can still comprehend almost everything though, and have decent conversational skills.
Where is your favourite place in the world?
Hawaii! Hands down, favorite place ever.
 What's on your to-do list for tomorrow?
I actually have lots of school stuff to do tomorrow...class registration, a paper to write, 2 quizzes and 3 chapters of a textbook to read! 
If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be?
I'd like to say Hawaii, but I'm afraid living there full-time would make me appreciate it less. I would actually love to live in London, there seems to always be something going on!
What's your favourite item of clothing at the moment?
I recently bought a gorgeous black romper that has lace detailing and is really flattering...I'm kind of obsessed!
 Where do you see yourself in 5 years time? (And did you get Noah & The Whale stuck in your head just then like I did? We could be walking in a zooooo)
I did just get that song stuck in my head, so thank you for that ;) In five years I will be 26, so hopefully by then I will still be loving blogging and nannying, and maybe also have a significant other? Who knows! I'm very happy with my life at the moment, and I will be satisfied with whatever my life is like as long as I'm still surrounded by loving and supportive people and doing what I love.
What do you do in your spare time, other than blog?
I absolutely love cooking and trying out/creating new recipes...I also love reading, watching movies, drinking coffee, nannying (which is my job, but also something I really really love doing), and of course playing with my 3-month-old niece, Sophie :)
Why did you start your blog?
I've been reading blogs for years, and kept feeling like I had things to say! I was scared for a long time to start because I was afraid no one would like it or read it, but I've come to realize that even if no one else reads my blog, I absolutely love doing it. There's a quote I love that goes "So don't be afraid to make mistakes, to stumble and fall, because most of the time the greatest rewards come from doing the things that scare you the most. Maybe you'll get everything you wish for. Maybe you'll get more than you ever could have imagined. Who knows where life will take you. The road is long and in the end, the journey is the destination." I realized that I was letting my fear of failure keep me from blogging, which was silly. So I started my blog in April and have been loving it ever since!

My Questions
  1. What's one makeup/beauty thing you wish you were better at?
  1. What's one thing you would tell your 13-year old self?
  1. Favorite drugstore product?
  1. If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would it be and why?
  2. If you could have one wish granted, what would your wish be?
  1. What is your biggest goal in life?
  2. What’s your biggest beauty pet-peeve?
  3. Favorite type of candy/desert?
  4. Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
  5. Where is your favorite place on earth?
  1. Favorite perfume?
I Nominate...

These are the blogs I've been loving lately...Sorry if you've already been nominated before, it was so hard to find bloggers that I was loving that hadn't already received this award. 

Thanks again for nominating me, Emily! 

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  1. Thanks so much girly! I will get onto answering my questions ASAP! <3