DIY Beauty: Faux-Rested Eye Mask

I'm back with another DIY beauty recipe! It seems you guys are really enjoying these posts, so thank you for all the lovely feedback! Today's recipe is for those days when your eyes just aren't looking great. Maybe you had a few too many, maybe you just didn't get enough sleep...I think we've all been there. This recipe relies on parsley, which is rich in vitamin k...this helps reduce the flow of blood to the under eye area, which diminishes the appearance of blood vessels and dark circles. When combined with cucumber, this eye mask will plump the under eye area and improve the appearance of those dark circles. You'll need:
1 tablespoon plain full-fat Greek yogurt
1 tablespoon fresh minced parsley (using dried parsley won’t give the same effect)
1 cucumber slice
Put the ingredients together in a blender or food processor and blend until a smooth mixture (with a paste-like consistency) forms. Apply this to the under eye area and also on the brow bone, avoiding your eyelid (be careful not to get this into your eyes! I apply this mixture with a clean lip brush to get good control over where it is placed). Let it sit or 20 minutes and then remove and rinse. And voila! A more hydrated, plumped, even toned under eye area! 

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