Not Your Mother's Girl Powder: Volumizing Hair Powder

I've talked before on my blog about how I have really flat hair. It’s long, thick, and just loves to lay super close to my scalp. I've recently discovered a great product that has really been helping! I've reviewed the John Frieda Volume Mousse I use (here), but I will be completely honest and say that sometimes I'm far too lazy to blow dry my hair. The Not Your Mother's Girl Powder is a volumizing powder that retails for around $5. I've been hearing a lot about hair powders recently, and wanted to give this one a shot.
What I love about this powder is that it is used on dry hair, meaning I can shower at night, let my hair dry naturally, and still get volume come morning. I take a little of this powder, which has a slightly sticky texture, and massage it into my roots and get instant volume. It is probably the easiest way I have ever tried to get volume. However, if you're a girl who likes her hair to feel squeaky clean, this isn't the product for you. This makes my roots slightly sticky and feel more thick- which is great for volume, and I certainly don't mind my hair feeling a little "dirty", but if you do I would stick to different volumizing products. Overall, I've really been loving this product and with it's small price tag, it is definitely work a try! 

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