Midmonth Loves

We have officially hit the middle of August...where has summer gone? This month I've been busy soaking up the sun, spending my days at the beach and pool with the kids I nanny for...and sticking to a more simplified beauty routine. After all, who wants to wear a full face of makeup to the beach? Here are four products I've been loving for days spent in the sun.

Rimmel Match Perfection has been the perfect foundation for hot summer days. Light to medium coverage, this foundation gives a dewy finish that is perfect for covering imperfections without ever looking cakey or heavy.

The NYC Sunny Bronzer has been perfect for giving a nice bronzed look to my skin, which I have been needing as I haven't had much of a tan since I've been slathered in SPF all the time. It's matte, doesn't look orange, and above all looks very natural, which I've been loving lately.

For the hair, I've been loving Davines This Is A Sea Salt Spray for beachy hair. After a shower, I liberally apply this and let my hair dry for a more textured look. This doesn't make my hair super mermaid-ey, but does provide amazing texture that makes my side-braid or messy bun look even better. This also makes my hair smell amazing, which is always good. A tip for sea salt sprays, make sure to follow up with a moisturizing leave-in conditioner or oil after your hair dries to avoid split ends and frizz.

Finally, Lucas's Paw Paw Ointment has been a major skin savior after a day spend in the sun. I apply this to my lips and cuticles, which get majorly dried out after beach days. This also works great on any sunburn I may get if I miss a spot when I apply my sunscreen.

Those are the four products I've been obsessed with...what have you been loving lately?

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  1. I love the Rimmel Match Perfection foundation and the NYC Sunny bronzer, they really create a lovely look when worn together,