3 Tips For Great Skin

Recently, my skin has been freaking out. However, I've managed to pin down the three things that have been causing my skin angst, and by combating these things I've really been able to calm my skin down and get it under control. Here are my three top tips for great skin!

Pay Attention to What You Eat. Personally, dairy really upsets my skin. If I have pizza or milk, chances are I can tell later because the next day I will wake up with huge spots all over my skin. Pay attention to the food that you eat and see if anything triggers breakouts or dullness- common triggers are dairy and refined sugar. I’m no angel at eating healthy, but I at least try to avoid the things that upset my skin for the most part.

Cleanse Well. Sometimes I feel super lazy and I just don’t want to do anything to my skin. However, I've found that I can get away with just using a quick moisturizer instead of my toner/serum/treatment/moisturizer routine if I cleanse thoroughly. Oftentimes your skin will break out because of clogged pores, and by taking the extra 3 minutes to thoroughly wash my face, I find that I don’t wake up with breakouts as a result of a lazy night.

Consider taking a supplement. This is a more personal one, and as always I would recommend talking to your doctor before beginning any new supplements. However, my doctor recommended I take biotin and fish oil, and I have found that my skin has really been looking great as a result. Fish oil is not only good for you skin, it is good for your body. Do some research and find the supplement that works best for your skin’s problems, and see if you can help your problem skin internally instead of simply externally.
Do you have any top tips for great skin?

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