Forever Repurchased: Boots Botanics Cleansing Balm

It's no secret that I'm a little obsessed with cleansers. My all-time favorite kind of cleanser is a balm cleanser, and of all that I've tried...this is the one I keep going back to. This is my sixth tub of this stuff, so you know I really love it...and it only costs around $7! It's Boots Botanics Cleansing Balm, and it's seriously amazing. You might be thinking: this product looks gross. You're probably right. It's a strange yellow-green color, but it has done seriously amazing things for my skin. It's quite an oily consistency, and unlike other cleansing balms I've tried, this one doesn't emulsify and wash right off. This product is meant to be massaged onto dry skin (it removes makeup effortlessly), and then washed off with a washcloth. I find that massaging this into my skin makes me feel like I'm at a spa, and this leaves my skin feeling so soft and smooth, but still incredibly clean. If you're new to cleansing balms, it is a bit of a weird change from a foaming cleanser.., but in my opinion it is totally worth it. This is a forever-repurchased item, and one I can't live without! Have you ever tried this cleansing balm?

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