Morgan's Makeup

Lately, I've been really into doing other people's makeup. I just love being able to try out different looks on other people, and finding things that suit them. My roommate Morgan has been my willing guinea pig lately, so I thought I would show you two of the looks I've done on her recently. To be fair, she's awfully pretty and made my job awfully easy, but I really like the way both of her looks turned out. I have brown eyes, so Morgan's blue eyes were really fun to work with. Enough talking, on to the pictures!

The first day, I focused more on playing up Morgan's eyes. She often does a bold lip, so I thought playing with a slightly smokey brown lid, liquid liner, and a soft lip would look great. I like that this look is suitable for everyday, but you could also use a darker shadow in the crease and transition it for night.

The second day, I did a neutral brown eye and a glossy red lip, which was really fun. While Morgan usually is sporting a bold lip, she never really does a true red lip, but I really liked the classic look on her.

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