The "No-Sleep" Beauty Edit

This fall, my schedule has gotten a bit insane. I'm taking 2x as many classes as I'm used to in order to graduate in October, I'm now working 2 jobs, and I have an increasing number of family/friend commitments this month. While I love being busy and having things to do, that has left me with very little time lately to sleep and get ready in the morning. I've streamlined my routine and have found the five products I think are most essential to get ready fast and still have you looking polished...even when you haven't had much sleep.

1. Anti-Redness primer, like the L'oreal Magic Anti-Redness Correcting Primer. When I don't get sleep, my skin freaks out and I usually wake up after my little bit of sleep with redness in my cheeks and nose and some lovely blemishes on my face.  This primer counteracts any redness on my face and gives a subtle glow to the face, both of which I need when I'm majorly tired. 

Apply your foundation as usual and then add...

2.Highlighting concealer, like Rimmel Match Perfection Highlighting Concealer. I usually have to use an extra effective under-eye concealer to counteract the dark bags I get, but I also don't want to have to spend 30 minutes concealing them. This under-eye concealer highlights and hides the darkness and makes it look like I've gotten much more sleep than I actually have,

Set your concealer with...

3. Brightening powder, such as the Bare Minerals Brightening Mineral Veil. This stuff is amazing at setting under-eye concealer because it is incredibly finely milled and has a subtle brightening effect, without adding any shimmer or glitter. Perfect for making the under-eye area extra bright. I also like to dust this on the tops of my cheekbones and nose to give myself a subtle glow.

4. Brightening eyeshadow, like Wet n Wild Color Singles in Brulee. When I'm lacking sleep I like to use the fewest products possible to make myself look presentable. I sweep this matte creamy eyeshadow shade all over the lid and then use my bronzer in the crease for a really quick look that leaves the eye looking subtly defined and brightened without looking overdone.

Line your eyes and use mascara and then move on to...

5. Bronzer, like the NYX Matte Bronzer in 01. Chances are, if I'm tired I'm also looking a little pale, which means that a dose of bronzer is in order. I sweep this where the sun would naturally hit, and I love the way it brightens up my face.

These are my "no-sleep" essentials, and I really have been satisfied with this look lately. What are your tips to looking polished when you haven't had enough sleep?

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