Forever Repurchased: Freeman's Charcoal & Black Sugar Polishing Mask

Today, I'm talking about one of my all-time favorite budget buys, the Freeman's Charcoal & Black Sugar Polishing Mask. This mask has seen me through thick and thin, and never fails to leave my skin in better condition. It's quite a thick mask, with sugar suspended in an active charcoal base that also contains glycerin to hydrate the skin. The packaging suggests to add the mask to wet skin and leave on for 10 minutes, then rinse off. I do things a little backwards though, as I like to apply the scrub to my skin and massage it in until all the sugar dissolves, then leave on for 10 minutes or so and rinse off. I find that this mask is great in the shower, because it really helps to soften and purify the skin while removing any flakiness I may have. This mask was invaluable when I was going through the beginning stages on Retin-a, and I always always always have a backup of this on hand. Another bonus is that is costs around $4, and is usually on buy one get one free/buy one get one 50% off at Ulta, so it is majorly affordable. Do you have a product you can't be without?

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