The Bold Lip For The Nude Lip Lover

If you've been around these parts for any length of time, you'll know I am a neutral girl at heart. I very rarely do anything bold, which is in part because I have a job that doesn't permit lipstick touch-ups, and partly because I'm just not very bold. But, when I received the Mally Beauty High-Shine Liquid Lipstick Pen in Petal to The Metal, I thought I'd give it a go. It's a bright pink with a hint of a berry tone to it, which means it's bold enough to be bold, but not bold enough to scare me. ;) I've been wearing it anytime I need to jazz up my look a little, and I've gotten quite a few compliments on it (which to me means it's working!). This formula is a mix between a lip gloss and liquid lipstick, and stays put for quite a few hours without feeling too sticky or going patchy. It doesn't leave any kind of stain, which I like because my lips stain strangely and I always end up looking like I have some weird kind of lip disease... not cute. All in all, I've been loving this lip color lately and am definitely looking to try more Mally products!

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  1. Great recommedation I am exactly the same when it comes to bold lips. You should try the "collection lip creams" they are fab and don't require touching up, they almost end up looking like a lip stain if smudged in with your finger.